Saturday, August 22, 2009

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel is ready to race

Logitech© G27 Racing Wheel is due to be release on September this year as successor to Logitech G25. Logitech is known to built high quality and best racing wheel offering FFB mechanism, three-pedal system, H-shifter and paddle shifter. The notable physical upgrades are the shift lights panel at the center of the wheel and more buttons which can be used for various functions (brake bias adjustments, pit speed limiter, etc.), the height of the throttle or gas pedal is a bit lowered compared to clutch and brake pedals and removal of sequential mode option.

Mechanically the new racing wheel implement new designs such as the use of helical gear on its dual-motor force feedback mechanism that allow quieter steering actions while maintaining the same amount of force feedback as G25.

The cost of the Logitech G27 is around USD 300.

For more details see Logitech Official Website.

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