Friday, December 26, 2008

VW Scirocco on virtual track early in 2009

The Volkswagen Scirocco virtual counterpart for Live For Speed is expected to be released early in 2009. Developers are in the process of completing the suspension, electronic control systems and other aspects of the car driving dynamics thus making it as close as possible to the real world counterpart.

Our aim is to make the Scirocco our first car with very limited setup options. The plan is to make it have only the setup options that are readily available on a real road going Scirocco, for example tyre pressures and toe settings. This will mean that the racing should be closer than usual and rely on driver skill, without the need to search for the best setups. Of course this means we need to get the setup as good as possible so it is comparable with the real car.

For the meantime you can download the latest test patch version Z9 at LFS Forum

When driving in real life always fasten your seatbelt and drive responsibly.

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